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Steve in ‘Stranger Things 2’ is Actually the Worst

Last year when Stranger Things ended, we all agreed Steve was the worst. Until Stranger Thing 2 dropped, and now everyone is all about Steve?


We here at The Hot Take, couldn’t disagree more, here’s why:

Steve is Already Thirsty to be in Season 3

One of the first lines Steve has in Season 2 is this:

We get it, Steve! You’re available!

He’s a Poser

Steve says the KFC dinner Barb’s parents bought is, “finger-lickin’ good” but then proceeds to not lick his fingers.


Can we honestly even trust Steve? We all know actions speak louder than words. And speaking of his words…

He Lacks Self Awareness

In Steve’s college essay he compares his high school basketball game, to his grandfather fighting in the Vietnam War. When Nancy gently asks how those two experiences are similar, Steve chauvinistically replies:

Wow, Steve. WOW.

We Don’t Need Another Ben Schwartz

There, we said it! We really don’t! Ben Schwartz is great at being Ben Schwartz! We don’t need another actor confusing us who’s Ben Schwartz and who isn’t! We can barely keep the Hemsworth brothers straight!

Steve Hates Halloween

If Steve thinks their Halloween costumes are stupid and they’ve been making said costumes for a “stupid amount of time,” then he also must think Halloween is stupid. And you know who else thinks Halloween is stupid? Sociopaths. Steve is clearly a sociopath.

He’s a Terrible Boyfriend

He abandons his black out drunk girlfriend covered in red punch at a house party on Halloween.

You’re right Nancy. It is bullshit, and anyone who does that doesn’t really love you.

He’s Not Sorry

The next day when Steve rehearses his apology to Nancy, he reveals that he doesn’t even mean it!

Cool it, Demi Lovato.

We’re Unclear if Steve’s a Liar or Just Dumb

When Dustin asks Steve if he has his famous bat this is his response.

Really Steve? You don’t remember wielding that sweet bat in season 1? Do you have other noteworthy baseball bats?

When Steve should ask questions he doesn’t. Like when Dustin gets into his car saying they have bigger problems than Steve’s love life, Steve asks zero questions and plays pro bono taxi driver/babysitter.

Does Steve really have nothing else going on?

And in conclusion, Steve is the worst.

Edit: The original post said Steve put the nails in the bat himself. It was actually Jonathan that put the nails in the bat. Thanks Jill.


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