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I Haven’t Finished Listening to ‘Reputation’ But So Far…Meh

We’re Happy the Old Taylor is Dead

Taylor Swift dropped her sixth studio album Reputation on Friday giving new life to TGIF. While critics were less than enthused about her last three singles, we here at The Hot Take beg to differ. Here’s why:


It Sounds Like Rhianna

And Rhianna is great. She’s never released a bad song. We could all use more Rhianna in our lives.

Swift’s More Famous Now

Taylor’s so famous, in fact, she outsmarts the paparazzi by walking backwards. Everyone knows musicians get better with fame. Just look at the Beatles!

She Finally Got Rid of Her Bangs

And every girl knows bangs are the worst. One could even argue that Taylor’s bangs were blinding her from reaching her true potential. Now there’s literally nothing in Taylor’s way of making her best music yet.

Drake Might Have Been Involved

Giving Taylor’s new album “edgier R&B and hip-hop sounds.” And if there’s anyone who should preform edgy R&B and hip-hop it’s clearly Taylor Swift from Reading, PA. Must we remind you that she can rap?!

She Pays Tribute to Beyonce

Sure, some are saying that Look What You Made Me Do ripped off Beyonce’s Lemonade. But isn’t there a fine line between “rip off” and “tribute.” Just think, who would white girls like Taylor Swift even be without Beyonce?

There’s Nothing Country About It

FINALLY. When Taylor was totally country, everyone who mattered was like “Taylor who?” It wasn’t until she ditched the prom dresses and cowboy boots that her music started getting good. From what we can tell from the leaked track listing and rumored Drake collaboration there’s nothing country about Reputation.

Swift is Finally Being Herself

She’s not even blow drying her hair! Can we just take a moment to appreciate how brave that is? Bet her new music will be brave and daring too!

There’s a Track with Ed Sheeran & Future

If there’s one thing we learned about unlikely duos, it’s that they make great music and or food.

So delete all your old Taylor Swift music, have some respect! She died after all!

 Edit: An earlier version of this article was titled (and claimed) “Taylor Swift’s Reputation Is Her Best Album Yet”


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